Johnny Vee 2017-12-04 12:29:34

Belver Classic Cars IS SIMPLY THE BEST IN CUBA! Me and my boys had a great tour of Havana during our visit in November off a cruise ship. The tour guide and driver were extremely knowledgeable and flexible guided to the best sights in the Havana area! iN ADDITION THE 1958 Chevy Convertible was clean and classy! I highly recommend them to anyone coming to Cuba. 5 STAR SERVICE ALL THE WAY!!

Vanessa White 2016-10-05 23:10:08

Our experience with Belver was perfect in every way. This company is so attentive, thorough and personal in their service. We really came to like everyone we dealt with from Belver. The CEO, Daily, checked up on us regularly and came to the airport to see us off. Our guides, Cristian and Elaine were knowledgeable and caring. Our driver, Pablito, was capable and very funny. We love these guys!


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Belver (Havana Cuba Classic Cars) We are private company, a team that counts on experienced drivers way offer their expertise with very the most beautiful vintage authentic automobiles in all of Havana, most of them from the 50's. We also have professional tour guides that will share our history, culture and traditions with you, in the following languages: Spanish, English, German, French and Italian hence leading you to the pleasure of knowing and visiting the most famous places and those of immense value architectonic beauty in Havana and the rest of the Island.

Together we can organize your stroll, make it special, personalized. Feel the charm of riding a Classic Car and the magic of fulfilling your dream.

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