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Cuba is a republic, whose capital is Havana. The famous Key of the Gulf is 780 miles long, surrounded by almost 6.000 kilometers of coastline. The official language is Spanish, although many of its 11 million citizens speak some English.

Cuba has a subtropical weather, with two clearly defined seasons: rainy from May to October, and dry the rest of the year. Temperatures hover around 28 ° C, while in the East the heat is more intense.

In Cuba circulates the national currency peso (CUP) and the convertible peso (CUC). The official exchange rate is 24.00 CUP x 1.00 CUC. Canadian dollars, euros and British pounds have a more favorable exchange rate. We recommend you do this in an exchange office (CADECAs) or a bank.

Keep your tourist card, because you’ll have to show it to immigration officials to leave the country. At the airport you must pay a tax of 25.00 CUC, so save this amount during your stay. Some airlines include the fee in the price of your airline ticket, check it out.

The price you pay us is only for renting the car. That do not include lodging, meals and other expenses. Remember that in Cuba you can pay either with CUC, CUP and Visa and Mastercard, as long as those credit cards have not been issued by a bank or branch of the United States.

Our classic cars are convertibles and hard-topped ones comfortable and in perfect technical condition. Our chauffeurs are experts who knows the most interesting and safe routes to discover Cuba.

To travel on our convertibles, we recommend to use sun-blocker cream or long sleeves, a hat, and sunglasses. Bring bottled water to hydrate. Our hardtop cars are equally comfortable, but still dress with fresh clothes.


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Belver (Havana Cuba Classic Cars) We are private company, a team that counts on experienced drivers way offer their expertise with very the most beautiful vintage authentic automobiles in all of Havana, most of them from the 50's. We also have professional tour guides that will share our history, culture and traditions with you, in the following languages: Spanish, English, German, French and Italian hence leading you to the pleasure of knowing and visiting the most famous places and those of immense value architectonic beauty in Havana and the rest of the Island.

Together we can organize your stroll, make it special, personalized. Feel the charm of riding a Classic Car and the magic of fulfilling your dream.

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