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Havana Cuba City Tour

Belver (Havana Cuba Classic Cars) on board of a Classic Car we invite you to know the Capital of all Cubans, recently awarded the title of "Wonder City". Know places of great architectonic beauty such as the Historic Center, located in Old Havana. We encourage you to experience the peculiar charm of Central Havana, Vedado, Miramar. In these municipalities you can visit places such as the Rum Museum " Havana Club ", the Capitol building, China Town, the Revolution Square, the Columbus Cemetery, the Forest of Havana, 5th Avenue, the famous Malecón Habanero", the Statue of Christ, the Fortress Complex Morro-Cabaña, Hamel's Alley, Fusterland in Jaimanitas. Allow yourself the opportunity of being introduced to Hemingway's world here in Havana and visit the Finca La Vigia museum house in San Francisco de Paula and the fishing port of Cojimar. Discover how beautiful and interesting our history is and how vast our culture. These are only some of the places you can visit. Contact us.
We will immediately answer your request and send you the overall tariff.
Together we can create the offer which will please you. Feel the charm of riding a Classic Car and the magic of fulfilling your dream.

The price of the trip in classic convertible cars is 50 cuc per hour, the cost is not per person, in each car for 50 cuc it is advisable to travel 4 people maximum plus your guide and driver.

The price on the classic Hard top is 40 cuc per hour, this cost is not per person. In each car for 40 cuc we recommend 4 people plus your driver and guide.

The duration of the tour is from 1 to 8 hours. According to the hours you book.

Does it meet the USA's "People to People" requirement?
Yes, you do not only learn about the history and culture of Cuba, you can meet locals and interact with them. The opportunity to share a smile, make a friend, and get a real vision, this will give meaning to your trip.


• Child include: yes
• TIPS: We recommend slight clothes, sunglasses, cap/hat/Pamela and video camera.


"Havana City Tour 6 Hours". 

We offer custom designed personal tours using the most beautiful vintage authentic automobiles in all of Havana.
Appart from our the convertibles, we can also offer you an incredible city tour in a hard top. These "Old American Cars" will but increase their charm through the years, they are just like wine....
If you prefer to enjoy the city from the comfort and elegance of one of these we have the perfect tour for you.
We offer you 6 hours around Havana colored by the company of a specialized guide that will help you understand who we are and what we are made of.
A beautiful stroll that will commence in the Historic Center around the four squares: Square of Arms, The Cathedral Square, The Square of the Convent of Saint Francis of Asís and The Old Square.
The walk can be at the beginning or end of the tour, on the walk you will visit Sloppy Joe's Bar.
This is the city you will take. It is very easy to find the point of craftsmanship (souvenirs) your guide will help you without doubts. In the walking tour around the squares there are small private stands which will make it easy to manage the prices with the sellers this can be a moment of interaction with Cubans and a very fun moment.
Later, by car, you will see the Capitol, the Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso, among other places of great architectural and historical value. You will visit the Fortress Complex Morro-Cabaña and Casablanca, home of the Fortresses that centuries ago faithfully defended the village of San Cristóbal de La Habana and the statue of Christ that blesses it.The Morro-Cabaña Fortress, a splendid place to take an incredible photograph and surely obtain an anecdote of His beautiful history. Continue with a tour of the Vedado, visit the Revolution Square, Tobacco Factory.
Finally, you can visit Fusterland. "The joy of living", project of the workshop of the Cuban artist José Fúster. Nearby houses, bus stops, a family doctor's office, among other spaces .that have been decorated by him talented plastic artist. A place worth visiting.
Do not deny this opportunity of an unique experience to your Holidays.
Feel the charm, be classic ..... with us!

120 CUC

• Child include: yes
• TIPS: We recommend slight clothes, sunglasses, cap/hat/Pamela and video camera.

Havana Cuba Classic Cars





Belver (Havana Cuba Classic Cars) Mit unserem privaten Unternehmen haben Sie die Gelegenheit, die bekanntesten Orte Havannas, aber auch andere Städte Kubas mit ihrer einzigartigen Architektur und Schoenheit, zu entdecken und dies in den schoensten Oldtimern, die Mehrheit von ihnen aus den 50er Jahren.
Zusammen mit Ihnen können wir Ihre Tour organisieren und machen damit Ihre Erlebnisse besonders und persönlich.
Sie werden begleitet von einem professionellen deutschsprechendem Reiseleiter, welcher unsere Kultur, Geschichte und Traditionen mit Ihnen teilen moechte.
Unser Team zählt ausserdem auf professionelle Chauffeure mit einer grossen Erfahrung mit diesen Oldtimern.

Fuehlen Sie den Charme, sich in einem Oldtimer chauffieren zu lassen und erfuellen Sie sich somit eien Traum!


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